Spill the Beans: What Blend are you?

Spill the Beans: What Blend are you?

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Drinking coffee is part of many people’s daily routine, so much that even teens or younger ages enjoy it, too. Most would drink it to keep them up in the day or to merely satisfy their craving for coffee – because let’s face it, what better way than to start the day with a cup of joe, right?

Whether you’re a self-confessed coffee addict or just an occasional coffee drinker, you should know which coffee types are the most popular ones so that the next time you grab your coffee, you know how each differs from another!

Listed below are the six most popular coffee types and what it tells about its drinkers:


1. Espresso

What it is: Espresso is one of the strong black coffees that are made by forcing steam through heavily roasted coffee beans at high pressure in an espresso machine. Perfectly brewed espresso usually has dense, golden-brown foam on the surface.

What it tells about you: Espresso lovers are described to be people with lots of life experience. They are usually energetic but moody, and they are considered to be the life of the party. They know how to get what they want.


2. Cappuccino

What it is: Cappucino is a very common coffee drink. It is basically a mixture of espresso, hot milk, and hot steamed milk foam.

What it tells about you: Cappuccino lovers are said to be bubbly. They are mostly loving and caring, and they attract people because of their warmth and passion. Creative, honest, and motivated are their best traits.


3. Americano

What it is: Americano is a single shot of espresso added to a cup of hot water that gives off a strong taste similar to that of a drip coffee, but with a different flavor.

What it tells about you: Americano lovers are most likely to be crowd-pleasers who are considered outgoing and sociable. They actively look for new personal engagements and grow well in groups, but they are quite unpredictable with their emotions.

Caffe Latte

4. Caffe Latte

What it is: Caffe Latte is a coffee made with one standard shot of espresso that is filled with steamed milk and layered with foam on the surface.

What it tells about you: Caffe Latte lovers are helpful, generous with their time, and more reserved than others. They like to establish relationships in intimate settings rather than socializing in larger groups.


5. Macchiato

What it is: Macchiato is a variant of espresso. It is commonly served with a small drop of frothed milk on top.

What it tells about you: Macchiato lovers like to think that they are more unique. They like to be a little different so they can stand out – just enough to add a new flavor in the usual run of life.

Without a doubt, coffee is an everyday drink that brings a twist in your day. Knowing what each coffee brings to the table gives you an understanding of how each type matches an individual. Who would have thought that coffee preference could tell something about you and your personality? While the above stated may sound interesting, we must bear in mind that they do not necessarily ring true for everybody. You may identify with it, but it does not mean you are entirely the same as described!

Now that you have an idea about each of the most popular types of coffee, you know which one suits your taste – or better yet, why not try all and see which one you like best?


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