5 Tips On De-Cluttering Your Home

5 Tips On De-Cluttering Your Home

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Achieving a clutter-free home sounds good for almost everyone.  To some people, it may even mean a dream come true.  But how do you really organize your things to have that ideal home environment that you have been craving for?  You know you are ready to get rid of those things that are just cluttering your home, but you do not know where to start.  Here are five simple tips to help you in de cluttering your home.


1.  Create a Schedule

You may not want to clean your entire home right now.  What you can do is to schedule a cleaning day a week from now.  In that way, you get to be prepared mentally and physically for your cleaning day.  Planning ahead saves you time and energy.  You can get your family to be involved too.  It will be a lot faster to de clutter your home if more people will help you in cleaning than go through the mess all by yourself.  It is also a good reason for your family to stay at home and be able to bond with each other in a different way.


2. Paper Out

Papers are a major source of clutter.  To minimize this chaos, a good way to start is by creating folders with labels.  By creating labels you get to sort say your bills from your paper works.  After sorting everything, you can then thrash the papers that you will not use.  After filing your papers, what you can do is put them in one box.  Your filling does not have to be complete; you can keep extra folders in case you will need to create a new file.


 3. Donate

Not enough space in your closet for all your clothes?  Is there a pile of stuff that you don’t actually use anymore?  You can go through all your things and separate the ones you are not wearing or using anymore. Take a few minutes to box it up.  Then what you can do is to donate them, instead of throwing them out in the garbage. Why donate old stuffs?  Instead of being counted as trash, your old things can be useful to its new owner. What is junk to you may be a treasure to someone else.  You are not only de cluttering your home; you are also helping other people.


4. Repurpose

New things cost money and up to now there is no such thing as tree-producing money and that is why repurposing is important.  Repurposing is using an object for another use aside from its originally intended use. For example, the ball of yarns you collected over the years can be made into a fancy lamp.  Instead of buying new things, why not try to make use of old things that would still serve the purpose.  Repurposing not only saves you money and space, but it also enhances your creativity because you utilize your imagination. It also gives you a sense of fulfillment. Whenever you would look around your house, you would be able to see the accomplishments you have made.


5. Make it a Habit

It may be easy to put things off for one day, but making it a habit is a lot harder. Making de cluttering a habit can help you avoid the time consuming and stressful one time “once a year go through all your stuff cleaning day.”  What you can do to create a permanent clutter-free home is to do a little cleaning every day.  Cleaning 5 to 10 minutes a day will help in the long run to make de cluttering a habit.  You can also make a plan all year long. Observe how much time it takes for your home to be disorganized.  From there you can make a timetable for the whole year to schedule your cleaning days.  Repetition is one of the main steps in making something a habit.

Do you have your share of stories and experiences in your de cluttering journey? We’d love to hear from you! Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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