Too Cool For School: The Guide on Getting into the Back-To-School Groove

Too Cool For School: The Guide on Getting into the Back-To-School Groove

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Seems like it was just yesterday that you couldn’t wait to get out of your seat before the school ended for summer. But before you even realize it, it’s back to school again. The carefree days and warm nights come to a close and so does your freedom of going to the beach and spending time with friends. You were so used on having long relaxed days that the transition of going back to school is hard for you – how can you adjust from vacation mode to study mode?

Here are some tips to help you cope and make the change easy for you.


1. Get organized!
You can change the look of your room entirely by painting it or by putting in new furniture. This helps you think that you really are starting fresh for a new school year. Or if you do not want to do something drastically, you can simply organize by cleaning your room. Cleaning your room can be a tedious work, but you may not want to turn your room upside down just to find your lucky pen. It is better to study in a clean and peaceful environment than in a messy one, because it will help you think clearly.



2. Learn how to quickly get ready in the morning
During summer time, sleeping late at night isn’t a problem, but when school starts, it’s much different. Sleeping late at night isn’t advisable since chances are you have to get up early the next day. To make it easier, plan your outfit the night before. From there, you can figure out what time you should wake up in the morning without having to rush to prepare and still get to school on time. This will save you time and stress in the morning.



3. Get a makeover
You can also give yourself a makeover. A makeover is a great way to boost your self-esteem, to take away boredom and is also a way to cheer you up. First, think of a new look you want to change into. You can also ask your trusted friends for advice. Having the same style of clothing can be quite boring. Try to invest in buying new clothes and accessories or simply get a haircut to create your perfect new look for the new school season.


4. A breakfast a day goes a long way
During vacation, skipping meals isn’t a big deal at all. However, these should not be the case once the new school year starts. Never go to school with an empty stomach. Eat breakfast daily to help you think clearly. Students need to train themselves to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Our brains need the right kinds of food for it to perform at its highest. By eating healthy, you are also avoiding health problems that may come your way.



5. Be ready for the rainy days
Since summer is ending, rainy days are on the way. Be always prepared by bringing an umbrella or raincoat. To avoid your school things getting soaked in rainwater, invest in a reusable bag that is both sturdy and water-repellent to keep those precious books and notebooks dry.

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