Four Everyday Problems Reusable Bags Solve

Four Everyday Problems Reusable Bags Solve

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To all readers out there, here’s a quick question: do you own a reusable bag?

If you answered the affirmative, then congratulations! Your reusable bag replaces its plastic counterparts currently numbered in the hundreds or thousands which, more or less, simply end up in landfills, sidewalks, and rivers as markers of pollution.

However, here’s another equally important question: do you use your reusable bag?

As we herald the coming of Earth Day this April 22nd, we enumerate some of the most common everyday, annoying problems that reusable bags resolve. So if you haven’t been using your reusable bag, despite having them just lying around in your home, here are a few good reasons to give them a new lease on life:

1. Shopping Bag Stresses – Though more and more places have banned the use of plastic, such as in the case of take-out food and grocery stores, did you know that paper bags aren’t actually that much better than plastic?

In fact, researchers have found that paper bags do not break down any faster than plastic due to the absence of water, light, and oxygen in landfills that are necessary for their degradation.

In addition, paper bags aren’t sturdy enough to carry large and wet items, so if you happen to have a lot of those items in your grocery list, chances are your paper bags will start to show signs of wear and tear after an hour or so. With a reusable bag, however, you won’t experience any of these stresses.

2. Packing Procrastinations – Do you travel a lot? Maybe you maintain an active lifestyle. If so, then a reusable bag can help you with your packing problems, especially if you’re forgetful or poor at planning ahead.

No more space in your luggage? Do you need to separate your soiled clothes? Perhaps you have extra personal care items or sports gear you have to carry but have no more space for. With a reusable bag, none of these will be a problem. Simply hook the reusable bag to the bag you’ll be bringing, unroll it when you need it, and you’re good to go! It’s that easy, fast, and convenient.


3. Carrying Big, Bulky Bags – If you’re the fashion forward type, here’s another great reason to start using reusable bags—they come in a variety of attractive designs, colours, and shapes!

Big, bulky bags not only awkward to lug around, but they also take up precious space in your closet. Find the perfect reusable bag that will fit your wardrobe or personal fashion statement and show off how compact and lightweight these are while being environmentally aware all at the same time.

4. Environmental Exhaustion – By using your reusable bag whenever you can, you’re actively helping in reducing or slowing down the rate of environmental exhaustion, whether in terms of oil, water, or trees being cut down.

Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose while paper bags possess costly manufacturing processes that do not even justify their limited use. Compared to reusable bags which are durable, easy to clean, and multi-purpose, using them can be your own little way of saving the planet instead of killing it—imagine what it would be like if everybody did the same thing.
How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day this year? Do you use your reusable bag? Share with us where you bring it or what you use it for by leaving a comment below; we’d love to hear from you!

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