Three Key Life Areas to Change for the Better

Three Key Life Areas to Change for the Better

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Positive change and transformation aren’t some mythical buzz words that fall short on their promise. In fact, you’d be surprised at the degree of change you can manifest by doing the simplest things every day. Sometimes, we may fail to see the results of our efforts when we are overcome with impatience. However, over time, you will see that the biggest and greatest results come from the smallest and minute details in our lives.


For Life and Everyday Living

1. Minding Your Manners – manners may be a rare sight these days, especially among the young population, but this shouldn’t discourage you from putting your best foot forward and encouraging your peers to do the same. The deterioration in the social skills of young people may be to blame for the lack of proper conduct and decorum. However, it isn’t too late. Minding your manners will help instill self-awareness on how you carry yourself and treat others. Remember that manners do not discriminate on whom it is given to. Just because you’re nice to your friends doesn’t necessarily mean you are already a person with manners.

2. Start And End Your Day With Gratitude – There’s something about starting your day with a simple thought of gratitude. Not only does it set the kind of perspective that can help you get through a long, tiring day, but having a grateful demeanor generally gives off an attractive positive vibe that people are sure to notice. By the same token, ending your day with gratitude can help you reflect on the day’s events and ensure a good night’s sleep, thanks to a calm, peaceful, and worry-free mind.


For Money and Finances

1. Leave Your Credit Card At Home – If you’re the type to worry about not having enough cash on hand, know that you can get by with a small amount of money in your wallet. You may rationalize that having a credit card with you is convenient for times of emergencies, but ask yourself first what kinds of emergencies can realistically arise when, for example, you’re just spending the afternoon in the mall, or you’re just going to have afternoon coffee with your friends? To put it simply, leave your credit card at home, especially if you lack financial control and discipline.

2. Record Every Transaction Accurately – Budgeting is always a good practice for instilling financial discipline but make sure you record every transaction accurately as this can greatly affect your financial decisions. If you’re rounding off figures because you’re lazy or you lose your receipts, this won’t give you a clear picture of your spending habits and fiscal capacity. Record every transaction precisely down to the last cent and provide a short description. If you just lump all your expenses under one heading, you won’t know where you can improve on when it comes to finances.


For Health and Well-Being

1. Drink One Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning – Research has shown that drinking one glass of water first thing in the morning has numerous benefits. Among others, drinking water can jumpstart your metabolism and encourage weight loss due to the satiated feeling it leaves. It also promotes colon cleansing and glowing skin, and hydrates your body immediately, giving you a sharper and clearer mind. If you’re into the habit of drinking coffee first thing when you wake, you can squeeze in drinking water first by conveniently leaving a glass by your bedside. That way, you would have had your morning glass of water even before you could prepare your dose of caffeine.

2. Take Breaks – Taking breaks have been scientifically proven to improve concentration and productivity levels. In addition, taking breaks are necessary when sitting too long. Most work set-ups these days make use of computers so taking breaks will help you rest your eyes and give you just enough time to get a bit of wrist stretching done. Hand, finger, and wrist stretching is important to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. If possible, do these preventive exercises standing up so you also prevent lower back pains. If you have additional time to spare, try meditating for a powerful relaxation boost.

If you’ve tried any of these simple tasks, feel free to share with us how they have been of help to you by leaving a comment below. We’d be glad to hear from you!

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