Simple, Easy Eco-Friendly Living Tips for All Households

Simple, Easy Eco-Friendly Living Tips for All Households

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It’s a misconception that to live a green life, one must have to exhaust one’s wallet. You don’t need to purchase a hybrid car or to install solar roof panels just to show your active support for the protection and preservation of the environment. With a little science, home economics research and a spark of creativity, you can do your part in transforming your household into an eco-friendly one, and the best part is it’s simple, easy and would even augment your savings. Here we list some of the ways you can make every day World Earth Day at home.



Throw In the Paper Towels for Cloth Towels – Cloth towels are invaluable in the kitchen as it can be reused many times for cleaning. To wash clean, you can simply load it in the washing machine after you’ve laundered your clothes. Paper towels may afford us convenience and peace of mind once we’ve disposed it but using cloth towels would save as many as 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water, the same equivalent to produce a ton of paper towels.

Reuse & Recycle – The kitchen is probably the most waste-producing area in our home but as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” When going grocery shopping, use an eco-friendly shopping bag instead of plastic bags. When shopping for your household goods, opt to buy products with less packaging. With product jars and glass wares, recycle these to store food items instead of throwing them out.



Use and Utilize Appliance & Gadget Timers – There’s a reason why your air-conditioning unit has a built-in timer for when you forget to turn it off or when you want to come home to a welcoming temperature. This same reasoning applies to your thermostat, TV, computer and other household items. Using the timer to schedule usage not only conserves precious energy but it also helps you track down your power bill. Think of the timer as a handy tool for energy consumption discipline.

Rearrange Furniture for Proper Ventilation – Who knew a little furniture rearrangement can make the biggest difference in your home? Avoid placing your living room chairs and couches near the windows where the temperature is cooler. This may cause you to crank up the thermostat even higher just to temper the climate. Likewise, you can utilize the heat produced from electric appliances by settling them away from walls. Large furniture pieces such as bookshelves also provide insulation value so these can be placed against walls and windows for temperature control.



Replace Dated Bathroom Accessories for Energy Efficiency – For those who may not be aware, did you know that old model toilets and shower heads consume more water than new ones? Thankfully, manufacturers these days take into consideration energy consumption and environmental impact when designing new appliances. In the long run, a new toilet and shower head can save you money but for those who don’t have the budget yet, they can save the rinse water from doing the laundry to flush toilets.

Sack the Toxic Cleaning Agents for Time-Old Baking Soda and Vinegar – Not only do commercial cleaning agents cause harm to the environment but it also puts our health at risk. Ingredients like ammonia, sodium hydroxide and phosphates among many others should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, opt to use baking soda and vinegar. To use baking soda for cleaning surfaces, sinks and walls, just dampen a cleaning rag and add baking soda to it. As for vinegar, a cleaning solution may be made by combining equal parts vinegar and water. This can be used to clean drains, windows and toilets.


Going green isn’t necessarily an overnight transition but by adopting these simple, easy to do practices, environmentally-friendly habits can be formed. Do you have any stories on how you’ve gone green in your household? Share them with us by leaving a comment!

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