6 Powerful Ways to Being Positive

6 Powerful Ways to Being Positive

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Have you ever had that urge to move away from people who can only seem to spout negativity? Whether they were full of criticisms, excessive pessimism or exhibiting hostile behavior, there are many ways and forms of negativity’s manifest. A typical scenario that depicts this urge to get away from negativity would be stepping inside a room feeling fine and calm, yet a few minutes after being exposed to the negativity in the air, chances are you’d suddenly feel heavy and drained of energy.

By the same token, contrast the way negative emotions and moods pervade the atmosphere with surrounding yourself with positive company instead—chances are you’d feel good, joyful or even inspired to be around them. You find yourself gravitating towards such positive people because of their infectious positivism. Positivism doesn’t mean showing a happy face all the time but an attitude that regards problems and challenges in life as opportunities for growth.

It’s been said many times before, backed by numerous scientific research and case studies, how a positive outlook in life can improve our health and even prevent certain illnesses. Not sweatin’ out the good stuff means having lower stress levels, better coping skills and an overall better well-being.

With that said, it’s easy to wax positivity and just leave it at that. It’s one thing to know positivity and another to practice it. So here’s a short guide for all of us, to take those great baby steps towards becoming a more positive person wherever we may be.

at work


1. Avoid Tardiness – This may be easier for morning people to accomplish but regardless of how you might feel towards the morning, arriving early for work can arguably start your day on a good note. Not only do you avoid deductions in your pay check for arriving late but those precious minutes in the morning can give you the luxury of planning ahead, enabling you to prioritize tasks and responsibilities for the day so you can pace yourself accordingly.

2. A Job is Just That – To those who haven’t found their place yet in the career sphere and dread their current work situation, remind yourself whenever you feel discouraged that your job doesn’t define you, your worth or your potential. Life becomes more meaningful when we are able to look beyond the numbers of our pay check and work from our passions and interests.
at home 

1. Do Chores for Meditative Practice – For those of us who miss out on doing chores, did you know that doing housework can serve as your meditative practice? Doing miscellaneous chores can give us the time to slow down and reflect on issues we may have been putting off while being productive at the same time. It is also one of the ways we can practice being mindful when we focus on the task at hand. When we are mindful, we are able to attain relaxation and inner peace.

2. Nurture Family Relations – Our families are the first relationships we form in life but as we grow older, we may neglect it for friends and loved ones. Nurturing family relations gives us much needed comfort and a solid support system to help us in times of need. When we can practice being positive at home, we can learn to bring this same positive attitude outside, to those around us. In Public 


1. Mind Your Manners – Our manners can make all the difference in our day to day interactions. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple thank you or please to make someone else’s day. Whoever it is we may be dealing with, the person behind the fast food counter, the young professional beside us on the bus or the elderly crossing the street, our manners and conduct can help us establish positive attitude towards others.

2. Learn to Adapt – So the morning commute may have already caused high stress levels even before the day could start but learning to adapt to any situation gives us the power and responsibility to act more positively. When we adapt, we learn how to view a situation from different perspectives. Adapting affords us the room to grow and become a better and more positive version of ourselves.

Negativity doesn’t have to remain our instinctive reaction because a little awareness can go a long, long way when it’s coupled with action.

How about you? What’s your positive thought or action for the day? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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