5 Tips on Accessorizing Your Daily Wardrobe

5 Tips on Accessorizing Your Daily Wardrobe

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Tired of putting on the same clothes week in and week out? The trick to freshening up your everyday look is simple: accessorizing. These simple tips will take your look from drab to fab in minutes!

1. Wear matching accessories


Accessories that match make your whole ensemble look like you spent hours putting it together.  Your look appears perfectly polished and well-planned just with this simple idea.

2. Let your bag do the talking.

The great thing about the variety of bags that exist nowadays is that they can literally make a statement for you, whether by way of design or shape. Are you into traveling the world? Choose a bag with a travel motif. Taking a stand for the environment? Help raise awareness by wearing a bag with eco-friendly slogans. You can even find bags shaped like your favorite pet animals!

3. Invest in a nice pair of shoes.


The famous quote “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” attributed to iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, is a time-enduring truth – your shoes can make or break an outfit. The right pair of shoes can make even the most ordinary jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble look stylish. Pair with your favorite bag and you’re good to go!

4. Add a pop of colour.


A colorful necklace or bag can immediately brighten up a plain outfit. This is the perfect trick for no-brainer dressing in the morning – mix and match clothes in minimalist tones and add a splash of color. Plus, changing accessories is easy as pie. You’ll never repeat outfits again!

5. Experiment with different kinds of jewelry.


Your accessories should make a statement, and to do that, you’ll need to find pieces that are a little out of the ordinary. Of course, you should always invest on your everyday accessories that you can mix and match with most outfits, but don’t pass up the chance to buy colorful statement necklaces or rings, either! Pieces like this will really make a difference to your daily wardrobe on the days that you’re feeling blue or want to dress up a little more than usual.

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