Recycling 101: Plastic Bottles

Recycling 101: Plastic Bottles

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We’ve all got a collection of plastic bottles of all sorts – Coca-Cola bottles, water bottles, detergent containers, you name it. With so many of them stockpiling in your kitchen, what are you going to do with them? Here are some easy DIY reusing tips for reusing old plastic bottles:

  1. Turn them into pots. Cut the bottle in half crosswise and punch a few small holes in the bottom half of the bottle for the water to drain. Another option is to cut out a square in one side of the bottle if you need a wider area. You can even opt to paint it if you want! Fill the pot with soil, et voila! A perfect home for your new plant. 
  2. Turn it into a watering can for your new plants. This is best done with bottles that have large flat caps, like milk bottles. If it’s the kind with a handle, even better! Punch small holes in the cap and use it to water your new plants.
  3. Using three soda bottles of different sizes, you can make yourself your very own stand, ideal for jewelry and small curios! Using the trimmed base of the bottles, drill small holes into the center and insert a stick through it. Apply glue and dry thoroughly to hold each one in place. Don’t forget to put a weight on the base of the stand to avoid tipping it over! Perfect for organizing your desk or dressing table. art3-3b 
  4. Use your bottle caps to seal plastic bags. Have you got small bags of sugar and vegetables in your kitchen? Cut off the top section of the bottle neck where the cap screws on. Pull the edges of the plastic bag through the bottle neck and turn the edges inside out to cover the neck. The plastic bag will now look like it has a bottle neck opening. Screw the bottle cap over the plastic covering the neck to tightly seal the plastic bag. art3-4b
  5. Small water bottles make great desk organizers. You can cut off the top part of the bottle and use it as a container for your pens and pencils. Decorate it to make it a nice desk ornament for your table.art3-5

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