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Fashion trends come and go year after year, but designer bags are forever.

Why is this important? All too often, style trends also have a major impact on the environment, and this is not just limited to the use of animal fur for clothing and accessories. For instance, the leather used to make bags and shoes is made in a tannery using chemicals which pose health hazards for the workers and release pollutants into the air and water. Much energy is consumed for the making of a single leather purse, from the raising of the animals to the stitching of the shoes themselves.

The fashion industry has dealt with such problems in different ways – by developing faux fur, synthetic leather, and other similar products. But why don’t we take it to a new level? Let your sense of style be a way for you to contribute in your own way to saving the environment. At SAC People, our designer reusable bags were created for you to be able to express your personal fashion sense, while helping to make the world a better place one bag at a time.


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